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Please email us a short letter telling us more about you. Send it to

Here is what we would especially like to know about you:

  • Do you already do a business that would help your exchanger business? What is it? How big is your customer base?
  • From what province are you going to run your business?
  • What work do you do right now?
  • As a future exchanger, what your business objectives are?
  • If ever there was a rapid increase of business, how much money could you add to your intial cash flow to keep up with the growth?
    From experience the minimum ratio is 1 to 9. 1 to 7 is better to always be able to rapidly complete an order and to be able to take advantage of good opportunities. That is to say that if you want to handle a monthly exchange of $100,000.00 you need a minimum total asset of $11,111.00 otherwise you will not be able to satisfy your customers and it will jeopardize your business future.
  • What is your computer experience? We do not expect you to be a programmer but you need to be confortable using a computer.

If you are selected as a potential partner we will email you a copy of the contract, and instructions to try our demo web site.








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