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What more do you get?

  • Order tracking system compliant with the anti-money laundering law
  • Bank/e-currency transactions import tool (to be compliant with the anti-money laundering law).
  • Integrated accountability system
  • Automatic email notifications to customers, triggered by the order status.
  • Fees Management based on order size and method of payment
  • Methods of Payment editor. (no limit, includes automatic emails)
  • Posting of methods of payment according to the customer's country and the currency used for payment.
  • Web Page, Emails and News editor
  • Fully Web based
  • Statistics and reports (Money Turnover, Accountability).
  • Different level of access (Master Admin, Admin and Operator)
  • Customer verification forms .


  • SSL support
  • Very user friendly interface for both public and administrator

Customer's interface

  • Automatic registration
  • Personal information management
  • Automatic password retrieval
  • Choice of language (bilingual platform)
  • Each choice of method of payment shows an explanation to the customers.
  • Automated payment interface
  • Order history. The member can list, review and even modify his/her orders.
  • Bank accounts and E-account management (future)

Administrator's interface

  • Highly configurable by the administrator without the need of knowing a programming language.
  • The content of all menus, texts and news in the web site can be easily changed.
  • Different level of access (Master Admin, Admin and Operator)
  • Order processing and tracking tools compliant with the anti-money laundering law
  • Order management and search system
  • E-Currency Accounts Management
  • Bank accounts Management.
  • Fees Management.
    (Different fees can be set up for different amounts and method of payment.)
  • Customer Management.
  • Method of Payment editor. (you can have any method you want)
  • Web Page and News Templates Editor
  • E-mail Templates Editor.
  • F.A.Q System.
  • Admin Password.
  • Statistics and reports (Money Turnover, Accountability).
  • Live Gold Price
  • Bank/e-currency transactions import Tool necessary to be compliant with the anti-money laundering law.

Here is the Administrator's menu

  • Transactions
    • Catch transactions
      • To download your banking and e-currencies transactions directly in the database. You then assign a transaction code for each transaction which will be used in your accountancy software.
    • Manage transactions
      • To see all or any transaction and make corrections if needed
      • To see the account balance
  • Orders
    • History and Management
      • Order searching interface
      • List of all orders per status
    • Match orders with incoming funds
      • You can give different status to an order. A configurable message will then be automatically emailed to the customer.
    • Manage pending matched orders
    • Complete orders ( to give what the customer requested )
    • Match orders with outgoing funds
  • Reports
    • Accountancy report
      • All incoming and outcoming funds are computerized and classified as you need to complete your accountancy. It makes your accountancy a kid's game.
    • Statistics
  • Clients
    • Manage clients
      • To see a customer's profile
      • To change a customer's status
    • Manage customer's profile changes
  • Configuration
    • Currency
      • Manage currency
        • To add a new e-currency if needed
        • To deactivate or activate a currency or and e-currency for either in-exchange or out-exchange.
      • Cross rate table
        • Allows you to establish a rate fee between currencies.
    • Accounts
      • Accounts management
        • To create e-account or bank accounts
        • To manage the balance and the currency of the account
      • Transaction codes
        • To define the accountability codes to define your transaction
    • Method of payment and cost
      • Customer to exchanger
      • Exchanger to customer
  • To create methods of payment with an explanation text plus an instruction text to email automatically to the customer.
  • To specify what method of payment will be shown to the customer. This is done according to the customer's country of origin and the type of currency/e-currency he/her chose.
  • And others features
    • Shipping methods
      • To create, activate and deactivate a shipping method
    • Emails
      • To send information to customers
      • To modify the order status message, automatically emailed to a customer.
    • Web site content
      • News ( To create news in the home page )
      • Texts ( to modify the content of the web site )
      • Labels ( to modify most of the descriptions in the web site

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